Feld Fernsprecher 33


Two fieldphones by F. Reiner in München, on the left (1939 - #28470) with early, unpainted metal furnishings and on the right (1941 - #43902) the later ones with black paint.

Still working fine after well over 70 years, the earlier one has some interesting markings on the bakelite case.
The "FEIND HÖRT MIT (+ some faded, smaller text just below)" painted on the side is rather rare.

[White markings]
[Bakelite marks]


Having a presumably more "mobile" service time the 1941 example is in a bit rougher state.
Humid conditions at some stage have unfortunatly damaged the internal electronics, the crank generates current fine though.

[Bakelite marks]
[FR logo inside lid]
[Old Battery inside]


Little seems to have changed internally in the two years between production, as the war progressed less valuable materials would be used for certain components.

    [Generator logo's]

Taken out of the bakelite housing by removing the 2 mounting screws, the red circle around their holes indicate a original paintjob.

Scratched on top of the 1939's battery lid we find a marking of less official nature, "Arschloch Von Meyer"!

On this picture, inside we see the bells for it's ringtone and 2 sockets for the interconnection cables.
Note the drops of paint at the screws and typical old wire.

[Thread locking paint]