Luftwaffe Flak insignia

Flakartillerie Tätigkeitsabzeichen 

(2nd pattern 1937-1945)

On 23/7/1937 a new trade badge for Flak personel was introduced, less then a year after the 1st one.
Next to succesfully completing training, soldiers would need to be with a Flak unit for atleast 9 months to be eligable.

[Luftwaffe trade badges]

On 2/4/1942 this trade badge was introduced specificly for sound location troops (Hörcher).

[Gild cord addition]
[Horchgerät near Berlin, 1939]


A similar one was introduced along with the Hörcher variant, specificaly for range finder troops (Entfernungsmesser).
[Entfernungsmesser in France, 1944]

Crucial to the succes of Flak operations, these soldiers were eligable for the Flak kampfabzeichen (from its introduction in 1941) once acquiring enough points.
Like the gun crews, who scored points by destroying aircraft, sound locators / range finders could earn points by succesfully detecting / ranging enemies.

Flak-leutnant Kragenspiegel & schulterstücke

These collar tabs & shoulderboards would have been worn by a Leutnant ( 2nd lieutenant ) serving with a Luftwaffe Flak unit.
Production of collar tabs was discontinued by regulations of 12/10/1944, but on hand stocks were to be issued and already issued ones continued to be worn.

Battery commanders could not reveive the Flak kampfabzeichen before atleast 50% of his gun crews had been awarded one.