Ostfront veteran

A young Obergefreiter, wearing a M43 feldbluse, decorated with the IC 2nd class, Woundbadge, Inf. Sturmabzeichen and Ostfront medal (the cord in the right pocket holds a whistle).

Ostfront wooden bunker with NCO 

The writing on the back is unfortunatly very unclear but presumably states the placename, resembling "Uscherniki / Uschernitzi" (Helped by Gerdan @

Captured Soviet POW's

German soldiers, one with a Russian PPSh41 "beutewaffen" and extra ammo drum, search Russian prisoners. Note the German in the middle with a rangefinder and cable spools on the ground.

Mass of Soviet POW's

Panzerjäger in Barbarossa

Presumably taken during the advance into Russia, 1941, vehicle markings on pictures in the lot (not in my collection) clearly show the photographer was in a towed AT gun Co.

1. Gebirgsjäger Division in Russia

Other pictures from this lot (not in my collection) show the edelweiss symbol on passing vehicles, suggesting these mountain troops belong to the 1st Gebirgsjäger Division.


16. Panzer Division in Barbarossa

Towing a 3,7 cm PAK (and occasionaly Russian POW's on the fenders as seen on the last picture), this unit belonged to the 1. Panzergruppe under von Kleist as can be seen by the typical "K"
marking, visible on the vehicle in the 1st picture. Other pictures (not in my collection) also show clear divisional markings indicating these men belonged to the 16. Panzer Division.

22. Infanterie Division: "Schilderwald" in Ssimferopol

Sometimes a special signpost was built by a unit, showing many locations that are related to its home and march route, usually with the unit insignia on top.
Here is one that was seen in Ssimferopol - built by 22.Infanterie-Division from the Bremen area. (Source: Akira Takiguchi @

 (Ssimferopol was under German control from 1/11/1941 till 13/4/1944).

[This Signpost online]
[22. ID - die "Brehmer" Division locations]

29. Infanterie Division: Operation Typhoon

From dates and/or placenames occasionaly mentioned and period German situational maps, these pictures can likely be attributed to a member of the 29. ID.
For the survivors of the harsh winter of 1941-42 there was still worse to come, when a year later, most of these men found themselves surrounded at Stalingrad.

[29. ID - die "Falke" Division in Russia ]
[29. ID - Marchroute maps and additional lot pictures ]


Luftwaffe troops being awarded the Flak Abzeichen at a ceremony in Oldesloe, 1944.