Reibert: Der dienstunterricht im Heere 

-Jahrgang 1940-

 #13 - Ausgabe für den Nachrichtensoldaten.

Reibert had been publishing this series of "instruction" books since 1929, but had made similar ones since many years before.
They only paused between 1946 (after the capitulation of the Wehrmacht) and 1958 (shortly after the Bundeswehr was founded).

[Reibert series]

Besides the info specific to their task, each version starts with German history & culture and general information for soldiers.
The two examples in my collection are identical upto page 173 after which the information becomes more specific to their branch.

Once owned by a Fünker in the 3rd companie of the Nachrichten-Ersatz-Abteilung 5 (founded in Stuttgart upon German mobilisation; 26/09/1939).

 #9 - Ausgabe für den Kanonier ( bespannt ).


Also complete but thinner (319 pages vs. 385) and in better condition, this one however was never registred by any soldier.


Both examples start with warning soldiers to be cautious in their relations for danger of sabotage and spying.