Soviet aerial leaflets.

The Soviet Government started to produce and disseminate aerial propaganda leaflets for Germans on June 22, 1941, the day the German Wehrmacht invaded Russia.
The “Soviet Central Series” campaign continued to the very last day of World War II, 8 May 1945.
Besides the obvious way of distributing leaflets by air from a plane also artillery was widely used, as was the case many of the following examples.

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FRONTnachrichten (Nr.183)

Part of the "Soviet Central Series" in which about 2,000 different leaflets in various languages in mostly 500,000 editions were produced.
The “Army Group” leaflets were printed in editions of a few hundred or thoushand but in 30,000 to 40,000 different types.


Called "Nachrichten von der front" initially, from 12/1941 it also appeared as "Frontnachrichten".
The quote on the bottom is from Stalin's Order of the day Nr.55 (also mentioned on the back) which marked a turning point in Soviet propaganda.

[Stalin's surprising Order Nr.55]



Used by the Voronesh Front in July 1943 where it was then stationed to halt the enemy's expected "Operation Citadel" near Kursk.
A rare example of Soviet propaganda focusing on a very small group of specific nationalities fighting in the Wehrmacht, also
note the "Tuez les officiers Allemands" on the reverse (an exhortation to murder is rarely seen on leaflets).

[Voronezh Front]
["Stalin speaks to Alsacians in Russia"]

Estonia 1944; "Eine drohende warnung" (110) & "Sondermeldung" (202).


Aimed at the fanatic defenders of the Narva area, many of them regular and foreign Waffen-SS troops.

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This aerial leaflet contains a translation of an announcement by the Soviet press agency "Novosti" on 18-03-1944.
An "update" on the situation in the south about one month later, this aerial leaflet was also used up north in Narva, Estonia.
Coming from the Soviet press agency i am unsure wether this one would be considered part of the "Soviet Central series".

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Nationalkomitee Freies Deutschland "Stellt die kampfhandlungen ein!" (108).


The most extensive “black” leaflet propaganda campaign in World War II was conducted by Soviet- Russia against the German Wehrmacht. Using the flag of the German Empire “black-white-red” the Soviet Union
founded the “National Committee ‘Free Germany’ “ and used it for propaganda purposes only. The most famous NKFD member was probably Generalfeldmarschall Friedrich Paulus who surrendered at Stalingrad.
Made in March 1943, shortly after the encirclement at Korsun in 02/1944 that was also mentioned in "Ein drohende warnung".