Ssh36 by ЛM3


Manufactured by "Lysvinskiy Metallicheskiy Zavod" (ЛM3) located in Lysva, which produced this type untill 1941, alongside the models 39 and 40.

[Main Soviet plants]


Stamp indicating maker, size and year of production (1940).


Size 3 marked on the liner aswell, which is the later type made of fabric and fitted with a band of Graleks.

[Graleks material]

Ssh39 by ЛM3

Also manufactured by Lysvinskiy Metallicheskiy Zavod (ЛM3) in Lysva.

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Olive green "nitrokraska" paint suffered at the right side on which it likely rested in a humid enviroment for some time.

[Nitrokraska paint]

Soviet star stamped into the shell's front lip.

Metal stamped "2 6108" in the neck area ("2" reflects shell size, numbers after the space resemble a lot number but this remains unclear).
The black "881" is the workshop number.

Shell ink stamp stating "POCT 2A" (meaning size or "ROST" in Russian, "2" for medium shell size, the "A" indicates liner size 58).
Lower line states the maker "ЛM3" and "41 r." indicating year of manufacture ( the Russian letter "r" (g in Latin) meaning year. Source:

Chinstrap lugs are metal stamped with the liner size aswell.

Liner ink stamped with size and fitted with a band of Graleks material.