Verwundeten abzeichen (1939) im silber

Originally instituted in WW1 this 01/09/1939 version of the award still had much the same requirements for it's 3 grades: black (1 & 2nd wound), silver (3 & 4) or gold (5 & more).
With heavily wounded people grades could be skipped. Due to the increasing number of Allied bombings, after March 1943, it was also awarded to injured civilians.
Although one of the most common it's a most highly prized award since it had to be "bought with blood".

This "early" silver Wound Badge is in buntmetall, after 1942 zinc was used.

Marked "30", indicating the Hauptmünzamt in Vienna (Aut).

["LDO Präsidialkanzlei suppliers numbers "]

A young Obergefreiter with the verwundetenabzeichen, either a very worn black or higher grade, on his M43 tunic.
He was also awarded the Iron Cross 2nd class, Infanterie Sturmabzeichen and Ostfront medal (the cord in the right pocket holds a whistle).