Issued about 5 years apart, although not visible from these scans, the difference in quality of paper used says alot without even reading the content.
Whereas in 1939 another expansion of the Reich by Germany's finest troops is announced on fine quality paper, in late 1944 a very
rough textured paper is used to call teenagers and older men to arms, in a desperate attempt to hold on to what is left of the Reich.

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This special edition of the Wilhelmshavener Kurier reports on the speech given by Hitler in the Reichstag, after invading Poland on the morning of 1-9-1939.
In this speech he assured everyone he had no interest in the west and announced the German-Russian pact, calling it a tremendous and permanent change for the future.

[Reichstag speech 1-9-1939]


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With "Volk, ans Gewehr", on 19-10 the Ostfriesische Tageszeitung announced Hitler's decree, dating 25-9-1944 but announced on Berlin radio 18-10, to create the Volkssturm.
Besides the decree in the center, the frontpage features Himmler's speech to Eastprussian volkssturm troops on 18-10, in which the term "werwölf" surfaced for the 1st time.

[Himmler's speech on 18-10-1944]
[Werwölf organisation ]
[Volk, ans Gewehr]
[Der Wehrmacht gibt bekannt]